The Seven Questions Experiment


I chose my blog name in a bit of a rush. I was on holiday determined to set up a blog and diligently following the instructions. I hadn’t considered I would need a name for the blog so was a bit startled. The first thing I thought of was Love Learning as I do love learning. It was months later that I realised that someone else – @debrakidd – has exactly the same name for her blog!! My next move is to work out how I change the name to Love Life Love Learning to broaden its scope.


My one bit of advice is to do a bit of watching and waiting before blogging and don’t be intimidated by the bloggers who think they are the only people with a valid view.


One of the strangest things that’s ever happened to me was a trip up Spain’s highest mainland mountain – El Mulhacen – on a horse at midnight! This was my father’s crackpot idea on the grounds he loves the mountain and I rode a horse when I was a kid – about twice. There’s a blog in it so perhaps I shouldn’t spoil it!


I love you, Grandma.


When presented with the Time Machine I would return to the week before my mother died in 2001 and do what I was unable to do – make her seek medical treatment. Maybe then she would have lived to see her gorgeous great grandson.


I’ve always liked my first name but given the chance to choose one, I would choose Lily or Rose.


If I were a B movie it would be called The Nearly Woman.


3 thoughts on “The Seven Questions Experiment”

  1. I love your answers to 2 and 3… And 4 and 5 are similar to mine in some ways 🙂
    I posted my replies on suzie blog

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