My #teacher5aday

Having done my 14/15 nurture thing I thought I’d have go at the 5 a day one. Here goes:

I spend most of my time connecting with people. I work closely with a small group of young, dynamic senior leaders who are generous enough to include me in the initiatives they plan and lead. I line manage a curriculum area and a set of IT technicians and lead on assessment so I am, as you might say, in the thick of it. We must of course, move forward and initiate to keep what we do current and fresh but this must not be done at the expense of the work/life balance of the staff. It is for this reason that I make it my mission to minimise the demands on, and workload of, staff. I plan to do even more of this during my last two terms in teaching -*gulp*.

I recently followed the Couch to 5k programme with a group of colleagues. I’m pretty much the only one who followed it through thus confounding the sneers of a colleague who exhorted me – rather sarcastically – to consider my heart! I can now run for 30 minutes and do so three times a week. I swim a lot but this has taken a bit of a back seat since I started running so I plan to dust off my cossie and get back in that water on the days I don’t run. I might even get my bike back on the road for a weekend treat. I find I feel better for the running – fitter and energised but also proud of my achievement for sticking with the programme.

I plan to take more notice of the people around me, especially those who may need a lift or a bit of support. I’m at that point where I have the experience and, I hope, the wisdom to help less experienced colleagues and the luxury of time to spend with colleagues, friends and especially family.

I’ve always prided myself on being a life-long learner after a bit of a slow start. I’m not sure you can be a teacher without also being a learner. In fact, I am sure. You can’t!! Just recently I’ve had to learn– or maybe re-learn would be a better characterisation – a lot of Spanish. It’s been a bit of a rollercoaster but exhilarating. So, I’m hoping to keep learning and improving. I’m also hoping to learn how to do front crawl – think that one’s a bit wobbly!

I’m pretty good at turning up and getting stuck in and it gives me pleasure to help others where I can. I volunteer to staff events at school because I enjoy it and as I live close by it means I can take some of the weight off colleagues who live at a distance from the school. I am a Governor at a local primary school so that’s a sort of volunteering. I enjoy it and feel that I add some value. I’m a director of our local rugby league club and that involves a lot of work especially during the playing season. I love it and have made lots of good friends through this volunteering. So, the plan is to keep all this up and more. I have a baby granddaughter just up the road so I’ll be doing a lot of volunteering with her and once I (whisper) retire I can help my young colleague and friend with her little one. It is often difficult for her and her husband as they have little family support which, as we all know, is difficult when you work full time.
So, that’s me. I hope 2015 is great for everyone.

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